One video. Just ONE video of Annamarie’s changed the way we were interacting with our teen boys. It’s easy to take away the electronics when they do something wrong. But it wasn’t working. We had the same slip-ups over and over. Yelling leaves everyone feeling awful, but how to impart how serious the mistakes were that they were making? Teaching them the WHY. Brilliant.

My husband and I are smart people who manage people, so we’ve got this, right? We were not getting through to the boys and time is flying by – one is off to college in a few months. Annamarie’s suggestion was well-timed. We had an issue where the youngest came home late and forgot to lock the front door. We live in a safe area, but he won’t always, and he’s got to understand WHY we do it. So I told him to research home invasion stats and the cost – monetary and emotional – it has on people. I did not ground him or take anything away. And he’s learning the importance of the Why so it becomes something that he remembers for the next time.

Thank you Annamarie for reminding us that there are ways to help each other understand without penalizing them. Less stressful and a much better outcome all around ❤️️ 

Sue Lemm


I reached out to Annamarie recently because I was having difficulties communicating with my teenage son. She sent me a free ebook that she’d written which was very helpful. She also sent me some tips in private messages which I could put into practice immediately. Thank you, Annamarie! I’m looking forward to working with you again soon with regard to my 9-year-old ADHS son.

Suzanne Dinter


I recently went to Annamarie with an issue with my son. Most of us parents don’t want to admit that we need help or would go to a professional!  But most of us do need help at some point. I did a single session with Annamarie over a specific issue with my son. It was great, without going into lots of detail basically I came away with some strategies that I have since been using which have already started to make a difference. What I really liked was being able to do just one session and have something straight away to implement. Really liked AM’s style and would work with her again.

Esther O'Brien


I have worked with Annamarie for ten years on & off being jointly involved with Youth Coaching & Activity days for young people. Annamarie is supportive and really understands the underlying factors behind behaviour of children. She is very passionate about her work and helping families to manage and as a result, improve poor behaviour. She has bundles of energy and enthusiasm and has a great way of engaging with children & parents alike. Her online programme is a real blessing as it is now possible to parents anywhere and everywhere to access support and programmes from someone who really knows what they are are talking about.

Nicola Mills


Annamarie, is highly professional and yet warm and approachable.  She is extremely experienced. She has used her knowledge and experience together with her passion for supporting parents to create an invaluable resource for parents.  Giving parents the strategies and support they need to support their children.  As a mum of four, I appreciate how needed this service is and how Annamarie, has the unique skills to be there for parents in their hour of need.

Joanna Jones


Annamarie is an incredibly passionate, driven and empowering coach. She draws upon years of knowledge from her multiple roles within the industry. She is filling such an important duty – empowering parents with all the tools to confidently raise their children while relieving stress, overwhelm and exhaustion. She makes you feel completely in control, understood and heard.

Sarah Wilkinson


Annamarie is passionate about helping parents and their children discover new ways to improve their relationships and behaviour management both within and outside of the home.  Annamarie has extensive experience in this area, which is validated in her previous successes.  I always found Annamarie a good listener and interpreter of difficult situations with the ability to adapt and deliver positive solutions to both the parents and the children.  Working with Annamarie was always a pleasure.

Julie Kamara


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