Fostering Futures

Do your foster children know they can overcome adversity?

That their past doesn’t have to define them?

Is your leaving care programme emotionally preparing children for the reality of self-responsibility?

Read on to find out more.

"Annamarie goes that extra mile in her work with children. She is non judging, and skilled in coaching for behaviour management. Her clients feel supported and get great outcomes."

Hannah Butcher – SEBD Tutor

"Annamarie is is an incredibly passionate, driven and empowering coach. She makes you feel completely in control, heard and understood."

 Sarah Wilkinson – Teacher

"Annamarie is highly professional yet warm and approachable. She has the unique skills to be there for parents in their hour of need."

Joanne Jones – Speech & Language Therapist

"Annamarie's passion for working with young people is inspiring. She looks beyond the 'bad behaviour', and takes time to listen, understand and implement workable strategies.

Roseanne Soong – Specialise SEBD/MH Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these available UK wide

A: Yes, I can provide workshopsanywhere in the UK, and coaching is done face to face online.

Q: What about data?

A: Feedback data can be supplied to support the use of funding for both workshops and coaching programmes.

Q: Do we need to staff our pupils?

A: Yes, staff support is required on your normal ratio. Annamarie facilitates the workshop but behavioural management of the children remains the responsibility of the school.

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