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Q: Do workshops fit around our lessons

A: Yes, I can provide short workshops within your timetable, or larger events to cover half or full days

Q: Can we use this for targeted groups as well as whole class education?

A: Yes, with extensive experience with challenging children Annamarie is able to engage your hard to reach pupils

Q: Do we need to staff our pupils?

A: Yes, staff support is required on your normal ratio. Annamarie facilitates the workshop but behavioural management of the children remains the responsibility of the school.

Q: Can we use pupil premium funding?

A: Yes, providing your pupil, or pupils are in receipt of this top up. Evidence can be supplied to support use of PPF

Q: Can all age groups access this support?

A: Workshops are available from Key Stage 2 upwards. It is advisable that managing conflict is reserved for children from Year 6, although some Year 5 children may be suitable depending on circumstances


Q: How will I know which service is right for my family?

A: We can discuss your needs prior to any purchase. Services can be combined to provide a holistic support for parents and children.

Q: Will I need to be present if you are working with my child?

A: You will need to be present for the first session where confidentiality and safeguarding are covered. After that providing your child is happy you do not need to be present.

Q: Can I get this service funded through the NHS?

A: Currently no. NHS services are struggling to meet the demands and many people choose to invest in a private service due to the extensive waiting periods.

Q: How do I know that Annamarie can help?

A: Please read through some of the testimonials from other parents and professionals to see what they experienced with Annamarie

Virtual Schools

Q: Are these available UK wide

A: Yes, I can provide workshops anywhere in the UK. Coaching programmes are provided face to face through an online platform.

Q: Do we need to staff our children?

A: Yes, staff/carer support is required. Annamarie facilitates the workshop but behavioural management and safety of the children remains the responsibility of the commissioning organisation.

Q: What age are these programmes suitable for?

A: Workshops are suitable for children over the age of 11. Leaving care programmes are not available to children under 15.

Q: What about data?

A: Feedback and progressive data can be supplied to support the use of funding for both workshops and coaching programmes.

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