Family Coaching, Mentoring & Training

Are you facing a difficult family situation?

Maybe you are worried or stressed about:

Family Relationships / Behaviour / School Issues

Or perhaps you are not finding parenting easy, or enjoyable?

Family coaching helps parents, and children, to move through difficult situations, and start making positive change.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will I know which service is right for my family?

A: We can discuss your needs prior to any purchase. Services can be combined to provide a holistic support for parents and children.

Q: Will I need to be present if you are working with my child?
A: You will need to be present for the first session where confidentiality and safeguarding are covered. After that providing your child is happy you do not need to be present.

Q: Can I get this service funded through the NHS?

A: Currently no. NHS services are struggling to meet the demands and many people choose to invest in a private service due to the extensive waiting periods.

Q: How do I know that Annamarie can help?

A: Please read through some of the testimonials from other parents and professionals to see what they experienced with Annamarie

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