SEN – Dysgraphia and your child’s behaviour
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Another in this series of articles about common SEN needs and how they impact children’s ability to ‘behave’. This time we look at SEN – Dysgraphia.

Does Dysgraphia impact behaviour?

Children with Dysgraphia find instructions complex, and have a tendency to forget what they are meant to be doing. Especially if they have been given long a verbal list.

You may also find that children with Dysgraphia will find planning their own tasks takes longer, and they are easily distracted and frustrated when things go wrong. As a parent this can leave you tearing our hair out.

As parents we are all guilty of expecting our children to ‘keep up’, and as such can throw instructions around casually, forgetting that our child may need some mindful care taken into how we deliver instructions so they understand them fully.

SEN – Dysgraphia: What can you do to support your child?

Break it down….. one – single – instruction – at – a – time.

Stay consistent and be patient, and your child will soon learn that it’s ok to process it differently. They will start to look for ways to achieve the right outcome, instead of stressing about the path to get there.

Tiny changes in the way you work with your child can create huge positive changes in their children….and make everything easier!

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