SEN – Dyscalculia

Is SEN impacting on your child’s behaviour. Dyscalculia. 

Annamarie Dack – Behavioural Coach

Could it be that your child’s SEN needs are effecting their behaviour?

Parent’s frequently talk to me about how frustrated they are, because they ‘know’ their child is capable of being good, and following their instructions, yet time after time they feel let down by their child after yet another episode of poor behaviour.

Over the next few articles I’ll be sharing some information about how common SEN conditions affect a child’s ability to ‘behave’.

Let’s starts with Dyscalculia:

Chart of traits for Dyscalculia

How Dyscalculia impacts a child

Children with Dyscalculia have great difficulty in telling, and estimating, times. Frequently, children with Dyscalculia will arrive home late, appearing to have disrespected parents instructions. Your child may have every intention of being in by 7, just as you’ve asked, but will be unable actually achieve this without careful communication and instruction from you.

Dyscalculia can also affect organisation, leaving you frustrated when they lose items, forget things and need constant reminding of your seemingly simple routines. 

From a child’s perspective none of the above impacts how hard they are trying to get it right, leaving them frustrated that their efforts still result in parents feeling frustrated, and children feeling they’ve not done well enough.

Having well planned strategies which are implemented consistently reduces child anxiety, allows them to build emotional resilience and to create their own effective strategies for managing their challenges.

Reduced anxiety, building emotional resilience and increased parental understanding…..#HealthyChildMind

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