Does punishing my child work?

It’s a question I hear all the time, in session, in social media groups – from friends!! “Does punishing my child work?”

And the answer for parents is actually in the difference between punishment – and consequence!

I work with parents, and professionals,  who are struggling with child behaviour, and we always get into the topic of behaviour management. 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️

Most parents tell me that they don’t have a ‘plan’ for how they are going to manage incidents. They have no idea what consequence, or punishment, they will use. They just deal with it as it comes. ❌❌❌

Unfortunately, dealing with it without a plan means three things – (hint, none of them are effective).

1 – They react emotionally, because they are trying to come up with a last minute plan and haven’t dealt with their own feelings. ❌

2 -Their child senses the change is vibe, and begins focusing on the parent frustration and NOT learning what they did wrong ❌

3 – They apply only a punishment. Usually loss of something (freedom, cherished items etc) ❌

Guess how many of these are effective? 😵

If you are dealing with poor behaviour – knowing what you will do before hand is the easiest way of keeping yourself in control AND helping your child to learn how to do better! 

So consider this:

❓Does consequence always mean punishment? 

❓Does learning only happen through punitive action? 

❓What do you ACTUALLY want to achieve in that moment? 

My guess is that you just realised there might be a different way. And there is! 

Consequence is a 3 part process:

✅ 1 – Learning. Why should they not do that? What should they have done instead? 

✅ 2 – Restore. Fix the problem caused. That might mean an apology, a task, giving up some time they cost you etc etc

✅ 3 – Move on. Once done there should be an opportunity to move forward and do better. 

👏🏻Consequence can mean as little as a chat, and a much as a month learning about something. 👏🏻

😧😧Punishment is something quite different, and used improperly is about power and control. 😡😡

It has its uses when used properly, and with total relevance to the action of the child. But used alone is is nothing more than creating fear – and we all overcome fear at some point. 😖😖

What’s your view?? 

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