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Annamarie is a coach who truly understands the dynamics of managing challenging emotions and behaviours.

As a child raised in foster care following significant early years trauma, Annamarie spent much of her own childhood struggling with emotions, and presenting with challenging behaviours. These included some of the more common behaviours, lying, ignoring rules and rebelling. But Annamarie also demonstrated her struggles with trauma through excessive risk taking, compulsive behaviours and self harm.

By the time she was 16 Annamarie has attempted to take her life 3 times.

Through her experience of being ‘managed’ in different ways, Annamarie understands how children feel when they are trying to navigate expectations and boundaries.

She provides, in addition to her work with parents and professionals, inspiring services which help children to understand how to overcome adversity, raise aspirations and become more than their experiences.

As an adult Annamarie has raised a child with ADHD & emotional difficulties. She vividly recalls the lack of support and guidance available to her as she tried to keep her child safe through his challenges, and the intense emotional pain present as a parent supporting an unhappy child.

Annamarie understands how hard parenting challenging children can be, and knows that what parents need is simple and effective support and training to know ‘how’ to help their children. She provides the service which she needed herself in times of distress with her own child.

Within her professional career, Annamarie qualified as a coach with a specialist focus on children, and has spent the last 10 years working with children who have emotional difficulties and challenging behaviours.

She has provided support through her own coaching practice, and through senior leadership of schools for vulnerable children who have been excluded for poor behaviours.

She has had extensive training in behaviour management and has trained many professionals on effective management of children.

Annamarie understands the challenges in managing multiple needs within a cohort of children, and the ever increasing pressures on the education system to meet the wider holistic needs of children.

This unique triangulation of experiences has allowed Annamarie to design and deliver a behaviour management service which meets the needs of children, parents AND professionals.

Her passion for supporting children, and those who support them has led her to open Empowered Parents.

To date Annamarie has helped over 1000 children and their families.

"Annamarie is is an
incredibly passionate, driven
and empowering coach. She
makes you feel completely in
control, heard and

Sarah Wilkinson – Teacher

"My girls are very hard work, they have lots of anger issues and anxiety. Very much related to your training and I love these strategies for being prepared and having a plan. I'd like to thank you, your training was very relevant and easy to follow. "

Kim, Parent

"Before I would
struggle to know how
to talk to people.
Annamarie helped me
to overcome this and I
have made some good friends. I am so much
happier for this
change ."

Ellen, Age 16

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