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For parents, children and professionals wanting to significantly improve child behaviour.

Welcome from Empowered Parents founder, Annamarie

Do you find yourself struggling to deal with difficult child behaviour?

Are you stressed, worried or just plain exhausted with trying to make it work?

Whether you are a parent, or a professional, it can be challenging to know ‘how’ to help a child to manage their feelings and decisions – especially if you have not had support or training.

Empowered Parents is committed to providing both parents and professionals with effective support, behaviour management, and intervention solutions.

Improvement is supported through a range of training, coaching and intervention services, which are proven to reduce behavioural concerns, improve the self-esteem and emotional resilience of children, and help caregivers to feel in control and confident in their strategies and methods

“In my experience, the vast majority of parents and professionals are highly invested in supporting their children with behavioural struggles, but very few get the support to actually know ‘how’ to help them.

As a result, many families and professionals live in unnecessarily stressful environments, causing distress to both children and adults.

It doesn’t need to be so hard, with the right support families with challenging children can flourish”

Annamarie Dack – Empowered Parents Founder

Family Services

Parent coaching & mentoring / Child coaching / Behaviour management training for parents / Behaviour Intervention Planning

Services For Schools

PDBW Workshops for pupils / Pupil coaching KS2+ / Behaviour management staff training / Consultancy

Fostering Futures

Overcoming adversity workshops / Leaving care workshops and coaching


The Healthy Child Mind Model

The Healthy Child Mind model combines effective methods and techniques used by professionals, with the support and guidance to make them accessible for parents.

Using HCM ensures that children have adequate protection of their vital self-esteem and mental wellbeing, whilst making space for parents to manage their own emotional needs, fears and triggers.


Understanding Emotions & Behaviours


How do emotions & behaviours work


What is the behaviour telling us


How can we meet the emotional needs of the child


Manage & Restore


The strategies, methods and techniques for managing negative behaviour


How can we move forward positively


Consequences which promote behavioural learning


Build Relationships


Roles and responsibilities


What does this relationship feel like for the child


How can we improve relationships




What to say and how to say it


Are my expectations and communications clear?


Teaching emotional language and communication




Understanding triggers and conflict


Becoming reflective & acceptive


Self-care strategies for children and adults

My Approach

I have worked for 10 years with children who find emotional management and behavioural choices difficult. I’m a qualified coach, and experienced school leader.

Through my own coaching practice, and leading several schools for vulnerable and excluded children, I have built a reputation for my ability to connect with and support challenging children.

I work internationally, providing coaching, training and consultancy to parents, children and professionals. Based in Norfolk, UK, I am able to provide a range of professional services to support in meeting the ever growing needs of challenging school cohorts.

I also support the Foster Care world, sharing my own experiences of trauma and overcoming adversity, I teach children that they do not have to become the sum of their experiences.

My work has so far helped over 1000 children and their families.

"Annamarie is is an
incredibly passionate, driven
and empowering coach. She
makes you feel completely in
control, heard and

Sarah Wilkinson – Teacher

"My girls are very hard work, they have lots of anger issues and anxiety. Very much related to your training and I love these strategies for being prepared and having a plan. I'd like to thank you, your training was very relevant and easy to follow. "

Kim, Parent

"Before I would
struggle to know how
to talk to people.
Annamarie helped me
to overcome this and I
have made some good friends. I am so much
happier for this
change ."

Ellen, Age 16

"As a busy working parent of 3 kids, I often find myself searching for help! I came across Annamarie in a Facebook group I was following and was instantly drawn to her enthusiasm for her trade, so when she ran one of her webinars, I jumped at the chance to register! And I love getting Annamarie's emails, I'm always learning new parenting tips. Thanks Annamarie! 🙂"

Hayley Bradshaw – Parent

Frequently Asked Questions

Schools FAQ’s

Q: Do workshops fit around our lessons

A: Yes, I can provide short workshops within your timetable, or larger events to cover half or full days

Q: Can we use this for targeted groups as well as whole class education?

A: Yes, with extensive experience with challenging children Annamarie is able to engage your hard to reach pupils

Parents FAQ’s

Q: How will I know which service is right for my family?

A: We can discuss your needs prior to any purchase. Services can be combined to provide a holistic support for parents and children.

Q: Will I need to be present if you are working with my child?
A: You will need to be present for the first session where confidentiality and safeguarding are covered. After that providing your child is happy you do not need to be present.

Virtual Schools FAQ’s

Q: Are these available UK wide

A: Yes, I can provide workshops anywhere in the UK. Coaching programmes are provided face to face through an online platform.

Q: Do we need to staff our children?

A: Yes, staff/carer support is required. Annamarie facilitates the workshop but behavioural management and safety of the children remains the responsibility of the commissioning organisation.

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